He was called Devil Boy or Sam Hell by classmates that taunted him. The school bully would end up beating him so badly he had to be treated in the Emergency Room. But his deeply religious mother and his caring father would not let their child grow up defined by how different he is from everyone else. His mother tells him he is extraordinary. In this first-person narrative, we look at Sam Hill’s life through his eyes as a boy and as a man. Both stages of his life are a continuing struggle. In the end, Sam not only learns to accept his condition, he finds love. A special kind of love that makes him whole. He even helps another boy with the same rare condition he has. So, what is it about Sam that makes people have a double-take when they see him? Why is he feared and at the same time ridiculed? In 1957, Sam is born with Ocular Albinism, a rare eye condition that causes the pupils to be red. You can read about it at

I like what Sam says in the Foreword of this book. Life is either a collision of random events…Or it is our predetermined fate. His mother says it is God’s will. Early in his life, Sam makes friends with two other misfits, the only black boy at school and a feisty tomboy with a troubled home life. The three form a lasting bond they will carry into adulthood.

It is a coming of age story about overcoming bigotry and persecution, about forgiveness and redemption, about acceptance, love, and faith.

This is a different genre for best-selling author, Robert Dugoni. I have heard him speak at two writers’ conferences, and I actually met him in the elevator at the conference in Nashville. I kinda wish the elevator had gotten stuck so I could have spoken with him longer. He is best known for both his legal thriller and a police detective series. Click here to go to Amazon ans see all his books.

The story of Sam Hell will stay with me for a long time. It is heartwarming and I urge you to read it. On sale now for $2.99 on Kindle.

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I have never met Dylan, yet i feel as though I know him. We have connected on Twitter. The title of his book, Poems For 20K of My Closest Friends, reflects the number of followers he has. However, as of today, his followers have increased to 31.5K! Although Dylan and I are separated by many miles and also a big age difference, I’ve had the privilege to learn about his life journey through his poems. Who is he? Dylan was abandoned as a baby and spent 16 years in the foster care system. He has endured many heartaches and dejection, but fortunately, he found a forever family. He recently graduated high school and has put off college to do therapy and heal from a TBI. His second book of poetry will come out in November. Currently, he is working on a novel based on his life. You can get his book of poetry on Amazon. And if you like it as much as I do, he would appreciate a review. Here are two of his poems.  

Forever Home ©2020DG

Every night

the foster boy

lies quietly in bed

and escapes to

the amazing place

that lives inside his head

There’s food to eat

new clothes to keep

and no foster monster

to ruin his sleep

in the loving

forever home

he hopes one day

to call his own.

Soar ©2020DylanG

Though your life seems dark

with relentless rain,

the greatest joy

is born of pain.

Tears grow smiles

and even heartaches teach

that love is always

worth the reach.

So trust me now

and love once more.

The sun will shine

and your heart will soar.

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Have your vacation plans changed because of the pandemic? Mine have. I had planned to go to the Caribbean not only for vacation but also to do research for my upcoming suspense novel.

If you’ve been keeping up with me, you know I just released Book One of the Colt Jessup series. It is called, ROCK BOTTOM. The Kindle version is on sale right now for 99 cents on Amazon.

In my upcoming book, we find Detective Colt Jessup taking a break from police work. It’s a good time for him since he’s on administrative leave following an officer involved shooting. He is looking forward to fun stuff like fishing, boating, snorkeling, and sailing. Unfortunately, trouble follows him to the island, or so he thinks. In any event, he’s getting shot at and he thinks he has a good idea who is doing the shooting. But he could be wrong.

It’s been awhile since I was in the Caribbean, so I needed a refresher course. With Covid-19 spreading like wildfire, it’s risky to fly. My backup plan has me relying on the internet to get into the spirit of a tropical paradise.

Also setting the mood just right is listening to reggae music. I wish I could be there in person, but since I can’t, this is a nice substitute.

Look for my novel, RELENTLESS, to come out sometime next year.

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There is a lot of talk about heroes during this pandemic. They’re the doctors, nurses, mail carriers, store clerks, sanitation workers, first responders, just to name a few. Occasionally, we’ll hear a feel-good story about what children are doing to help out such as raising money, making mask, helping neighbors out, and donating food.

Maybe you have seen a story about 9-year-old Kamryn Johnson and her friends. Out of boredom and the need to do something, the children started making friendship bracelets. Kamryn’s father, former NFL player Ron Johnson, thought the kids might raise around $50. Wrong! They have raised over $100,000! Yes, you heard right. People travel from all around to buy a bracelet, give a donation, or drop off supplies.

Good can come from the bad. I say this because Kamryn lives in Minneapolis and was moved by what was happening to her city after the death of George Floyd. Businesses were vandalized which hurt the most vulnerable people in society. Initially, she and her friends wanted to raise money to help businesses get back on their feet and to buy supplies for residents in need. Proceeds now include giving to food banks.

If you would like a bracelet and help the charity, “Kamryn & Friends” Bracelets for Unity and Justice, click here to go the GoFundMe page.

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