Brody Trent is the last person seen with Sarah, the victim of a brutal attack. She lies in a coma and unable to tell the police Brody is innocent. Put on house arrest, Brody finds an opportunity to escape and search for the one person who can help him. Dr. Emily Parker, attracted to the young artist and willing to help, unwittingly becomes a victim herself. Author Reita Pendry says, “Part romance, part crime story, totally absorbing.” Audiobook available

Alana Dupree is desperate to escape her husband, Homicide Detective Mike Cruz. To do so, she must convince him and the police of a lie: she is the victim of a serial killer. She quickly learns her decision to go South with a biker gang is as bad as staying with an abuser. Author Dennis Carrigan says, “Cruz Control is like Sleeping with the Enemy on steroids.”

A secret remains buried until a young woman needs the help of her high school sweetheart to save someone from a dangerous extremist group. Their mission will take them from the coast of South Carolina to the mountains of North Carolina and puts them smack dab in the middle of a secret undercover operation. They rekindle a love and must fight for survival. Author Jenifer Ruff says, “A sexy and action-packed thriller delving into the underworld of an extremist group.”

From his perch on top of a church tower, a man with a rifle terrifies a crowd of concert goers on the Fourth of July. At the same time, another shooting happens. Charlotte police and the FBI join forces to find the killers. Detective Chris Lagoni is determined to prove the shootings are not related, but first, he needs the cooperation of a young woman tied to one of the suspects. She swears to have no knowledge but her actions say differently. Kirkus Review says, “Staunch characters and an unmistakable threat from a sniper make for a stirring page-turner.”

Jamison Jackson’s marriage into a wealthy, influential family seems ideal but it turns into her worst nightmare when she is framed for murder. As an investigative reporter, she uncovers an explosive story of greed and corruption. It puts her on a collision course with danger. If she is to survive, she needs the help of two men in her life: Her former boyfriend, Detective Chris Lagoni to clear her name, and her new love, Brennan McKeever, to help her escape a killer. Readers’ Favorite says, “I highly recommend this book to all fans of mystery, suspense, romance and just good storytelling.”

Things go from bad to worst when a former cop is hired to cover up a murder. He is hired by an ambitious land developer, Jay Stiles, who wants to have it all, including the love a beautiful woman. But on the night of the murder, Camille Carson, expecting Stiles to join her, meets a new man. Determined to keep her from leaving him, Stiles devises a plan to make their relationship permanent. But this plan goes as bad as the murder. Before she and her lover can go to the police, she is kidnapped and used as a pawn to keep Stiles from ratting out the former cop. Kirkus Review says, “Like the best noir, this story puts its characters through an emotional wringer and makes the reader feel their desperation, too.”

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