The Day America Cried

Most of us remember where we were and what we were doing on 9/11. We feared what we didn’t know. Would there be other attacks? How many were killed? Would people be found buried alive under the rubble?

The not knowing was personal to me. When I heard the news of the attack on the World Trade Center, my first thought was about my daughter. Her office was across the street from the WTC, and she often took the subway below the towers around the time of the attack. Was she there that morning? At that specific time? I was in a panic to know. My calls to her went unanswered. Again and again, I tried to reach her, but no answer. The minutes ticked by. An hour went by, but still no word. Co-workers stopped by my desk and asked, “Have you heard from Christina?” I tried to convince them and myself she was okay, probably not even there.

Then, I got the call. “Mom, I’m safe. I’m home, not there.” The good news overcame me with joy and relief, but to be honest, I also felt guilty for all the loved ones who would not receive good news like me. So many lives lost. So many tragedies.

My daughter lost her job. The building where she worked had all its windows blown out. The company moved to New Jersey. What else impacted my daughter? Well, she lost some clothes she never picked up from the destroyed dry cleaners. She lost her gym membership from the fitness center, also destroyed. But she did not lose her life! She told me of walking through the area days later and seeing abandoned vehicles covered in dirt and debris, realizing they belonged to those lost on 9/11. It made a deep emotional impact on her then and now.

Where were you that sad day? What was your reaction when you heard the news? How did it impact you? Leave a comment.

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