George Bailey’s Risks

“Christmas Tree” by bplanet

What I like most about George Bailey in “It’s a Wonderful Life” is his willingness to take risk to help someone. He did it repeatedly. When his brother fell through the ice in the pond, he didn’t hesitate to jump in and save him. Another time as a boy and at the risk of losing his job, he stopped the pharmacist from making a fatal mistake with a prescription.

Once again, as a grown man in love with a beautiful woman, he gave up his honeymoon plans to protect the savings of the bank and loan’s customers when there was a run on the bank. He had to know he jeopardized his relationship with his new bride. Most women at that point would have had second thoughts, but not his sweet Mary.

Would you do it? Would you risk everything—anything—to help someone? Amid the pandemic, we see it every day with front-line workers, especially doctors and nurses. Heroes among us. Many will not be with the families for the holidays. Instead, they will work trying to save lives. Something to think about when we grumble about having to wear a mask.

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