I know the following is unconventional, maybe even weird. It is an interview between a fictitious reporter and my character, Detective Colt Jessup. This is my way of introducing readers to this rugged, intriguing cop who will be featured in a new series I have started. Look for him in my upcoming book, ROCK BOTTOM.

Good morning, everyone! This is Jasmine Dubois reporting for WBTN. I am pleased to have with me Detective Colt Jessup with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department. Due to his undercover work, we have disguised his appearance to hide his identity.

Jasmine: Detective Jessup, I’m sorry. Do you mind putting that gun away? It’s—it’s—well, it’s a little intimidating.

Colt: Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to make you nervous. I meant to leave it in my car.

Jasmine: That’s okay. Now tell us a little about your background with the police department.

Colt: Well, let’s see. Been a police officer for over twenty years, started out in patrol and then became a detective. I followed in my big brother’s footsteps. He was a vice cop, so that’s what I became.

Jasmine: I see. Your brother had quite the reputation. He didn’t always play by the rules. What about you? Do you play by the rules?

Colt: Ma’am, I don’t know where you got your information, but—well, okay, I’ll admit it. Sometimes policy and procedures get in the way, and I have to make it up on the fly. Saved my bacon a few times to be honest.

Jasmine: You take risk then. How does your family feel about that?

Colt: That’s why my wife and I aren’t together anymore. My job got a little too dicey for her. But I try to stay safe for the sake of our daughter. She’s young enough to think her daddy’s a hero. Or to hear her tell it—Superman. I’m not, of course.

Jasmine: On your last case, you helped a young woman—an opera singer from New York, I’m told…Excuse me, let me look at my notes. Ah, yes, you helped her find out what happened to her deceased sister. Is it true she was in a perilous situation and you saved her from meeting the same fate as her sister?

Colt: Ma’am, I can’t discuss that with you. The case is in the hands of the DA’s office. Let’s just say it all worked out. That young lady and I were total opposites, like night and day. We butted heads a few times, but we ended up friends. I’m going up to New York sometime to see her perform. Never seen an opera before.

Jasmine: Tell us about your undercover work.

Colt: (looks at his cell phone) Sorry, that’s all I have time for. Just got a text about a suspect I’ve been trying to track down. Nice to meet ya. Gotta go.

Jasmine: Detective, don’t run off. One more question, please.

Colt: No time. Sorry.

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