6 Things To Know About Author Jenifer Ruff

It is my honor to interview Jenifer Ruff, bestselling author of psychological thrillers. She has a new book, The Numbers Killer, and I can’t wait for you to read it. Since Jenifer is a member of my critique group, I got a sneak peak, and I loved it! I asked her a few questions about her and her new book. Check it out. 

Where can readers purchase The Numbers Killer? What different formats are available?

As of May 30, the Kindle and paperback versions are available on Amazon. The Kindle version is 99 cents for the first promotional week only. Get it here. The audio book is coming soon.

Tell us a little about the story.

The mystery begins with a puzzling crime and one woman’s determination to avoid prison at all costs. When a key witness in an organized crime trial turns up dead with LIAR and 2 scrawled on his forehead, the FBI assumes the murder was a hit to silence him. But soon there are more victims with similar markings and no known connection to the mob. As agents Victoria Heslin and Dane Riversa struggle to catch a break, they receive a series of cryptic, personal messages from the killer, complicating the investigation. Something disturbing and frightening is underway, and anyone might be next, including the agents, unless they uncover the common denominator.

This is the first book in a new series about FBI Agent Victoria Heslin. Tell us about her.

As an heiress to a fortune, Agent Heslin is able to have a fulfilling career and also care and rehab rescue dogs. When Victoria was younger, her mother was kidnapped for ransom and died in the hands of her captors. After a stretch of feeling afraid and powerless, she became an FBI agent. She now has the training and confidence to take care of herself as well as others.

What is your next project? Is it another Agent Heslin novel?

Yes. The second book in the series is Pretty Little Girls and will come out at the end of the summer. In the sequel, the mysterious discovery of a young Jane Doe in the woods is followed by the terrifying abduction of a prep school girl from a wealthy family. Victoria is brought in to help find the missing girl. What she discovers turns out to be much bigger and much worse than anyone imagined.

Your characters are complex and flawed. Is this on purpose?

My goal with every book is to write something that readers don’t want to put down. It’s the abnormal and unexpected that often captivates me. I strive to make my psychopathic, delusional, and brainwashed characters as real and as relatable as possible, and I’ve given them admirable traits. They might be psychologically disturbed, but most are also strong, disciplined, and have a slew of skills and accomplishments. If you like the unexpected, grab one of my books and enjoy. You might be surprised to find yourself rooting for a serial killer.

You do a lot of book signings, interviews, speaking and personal appearances. How can readers find out about your events and new releases?

I do interviews and book clubs when invited. Book clubs are the best. Everyone has read the book and have interesting questions for me. But most of my sales are e-books and audio books, and that’s where I focus most of my time and marketing efforts. It’s nice because I can do it all without having to get dressed up! To find out about my events, new books, and exciting giveaways, readers can follow me using the links below or on my website.

Readers can follow Jenifer using the links below:

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