In Their Own Words: Great Players and Coaches of Basketball

The Final Four April 5-8, 2019

Coaches go first:
A leader is someone who puts their people in position to be successful all the time. – Mike Krzyzewski
Basketball is a beautiful game when the five players on the court play with one heartbeat. – Dean Smith
Nothing has ever been accomplished in any walk of life without enthusiasm, without motivation, and without perseverance. – Jim Valvano

Legendary Players:
This is a team game and one man doesn’t win and one man doesn’t lose. In the end, the best team usually wins. Wilt Chamberlain
In life, winning and losing will both happen. What is never acceptable is quitting. –Magic Johnson
Strength is not nearly as important as desire. I don’t think you can teach anyone desire. I think it’s a gift. I don’t know why I have it, but I do. – Larry Bird

Still in the game:
Be the best version of yourself in anything you do. You don’t have to live anybody’s else’s story. – Stephen Curry
Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today. – Lebron James

Just for fun: Humorous quotes by Sir Charles:
These are my new shoes. They’re good shoes. They won’t make you rich like me, they won’t make you rebound like me, they definitely won’t make you handsome like me. They’ll only make you have shoes like me. That’s it. – Charles Barkley
If I weren’t earning $3 million a year to dunk a basketball, most people on the street would run in the other direction if they saw me coming. – Charles Barkley
I always laugh when people ask me about rebounding techniques. I’ve got a technique. It’s called just go get the damn ball. – Charles Barkley

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