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There was a young woman, beautiful but lonely. Desperately lonely. Throughout her life, Sarah yearned for someone to love her. But her mother was always cold and distant, so self-absorbed and vain, her only child was more a hindrance than a joy. Early on, her father abandoned them. Over the years, she heard from him only twice, a card at Christmas and again on a birthday. That’s it.
As Sarah blossomed into a young woman, she became used, abused, and manipulated by men. She mistakenly interpreted their lust for love. Wanting so much to know true love, she asks a young man to hold her in his arms and pretend he loves her. Just for a while. For a brief period, she wanted a taste of what it must feel like.
This tragic figure, this woman-child, is front and center in the complex story I tell in my newest suspense novel, Twisted Fate. Maybe you cannot relate to Sarah because you have experienced love. But through her words and her actions, you can sense her pain. Find out what happens to Sarah and if she ever discovers true love. Real love.
Twisted Fate is now available on Kindle and in paperback. Click here to get your copy.

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Susan Mills Wilson is a native of North Carolina where she writes romantic suspense. She is the leader of the Charlotte Writers Club Mystery Critique Group and a member of Charlotte Writers Club. Subscribe to Susan’s blog at
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