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There are two reasons authors run a free promotion of their books. To reach more readers and receive more reviews because they drive sales. Below are some of the new reviews posted after my recent promo of my suspense novel, MELTDOWN. Available on Amazon. If you like fast-paced suspense with a little romance, this book is for you! If you have read, HER LYING EYES, then you’ll enjoy MELTDOWN because Homicide Detective Chris Lagoni is back! 

  • A great book with lots of action that keeps you waiting for what’s next! With romance added and the good guys winning it was worth reading for sure!—Beverly K

  • This was a fun read. Cops and bad guys with some romance. Great characters, enough intrigue to keep you interested and a solid plot. —Martin P.

  • Starts off with a bang in more ways than one! Full of twists and turns. It’s a good read. —Suzanne M.

  • Fast paced and interesting from the first page, this thriller takes place over just a few days, covering two different crimes that occur at the same place and the same time, but aren’t connected. Or are they? A story that could have been ripped from the headlines. —Paul

  • First time to read one of Ms. Wilson’s books but I really enjoyed it. The book has mystery and suspense in the story line. —Jerry L.

  • Love this book. Author did extensive research for this one. Tragic characters yet a very suspenseful story line. Wish this was not so believable. —Pam T.

About Susan MIlls Wilson

Susan Mills Wilson is a native of North Carolina where she writes romantic suspense. She is the leader of the Charlotte Writers Club Mystery Critique Group and a member of Charlotte Writers Club. Subscribe to Susan’s blog at www.susanmillswilson.com.
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