Many times, I have abandoned or delayed plans based on self-doubt. Maybe you have too.

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It is a human susceptibility which keeps us from fulfilling or even envisioning our true potential.
If I had not overcome this common enemy of self-doubt, my newest book, Cruz Control, would NEVER have been written. I had a list of excuses why I should not even attempt it. The subject matter alone was thinking outside the box, or more accurately something I knew almost nothing about. How could I possible write about the victimization of domestic abuse if I had never experienced it? How could I put my main character in the danger of a biker gang if I knew zilch about motorcycles or about biker gangs?
HOWEVER, I knew it was a powerful story with many twists and turns and it HAD to be written. I could find no peace until I put pen to paper and wrote every single word. My writers critique group and my beta readers seem to agree this is my best novel yet.
So, how did I overcome self-doubt? I divulged myself in research until I had enough knowledge to pull it off. I read books, watch documentaries and movies, searched the internet for articles and videos, attended a bike rally (yes, Outlaw bikers were there), road on the back of a motorcycle through four counties, and consulted with bike enthusiasts. With my new knowledge, I found it easy to emerge myself in the character roles required for my story. My characters included a victimized woman, her abusive husband, a gang leader, a serial killer, and a conflicted detective.
If readers enjoy my book as much as I enjoyed writing it, then overcoming my self-doubt will be a just reward.

Note: Cruz Control is FREE on Kindle Nov. 25, 26, & 27 

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