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Boy meets girl. Love is in the air. Boy marries girl and they live happily ever after. The fairy tale romance is rare. If you have seen La La Land, you know it doesn’t always work that way. Writers love writing about the complexity of a romantic relationship. Almost always there is sexual tension from the get-go, but it is not always certain if the attraction will result in everlasting love.

Here are some examples of complicated love in the four novels I have published. In GOOD GONE BAD, there is an immediate attraction between Matt Garrison and Camille Carson. However, Camille breaks a promise to Matt and he feels betrayed. In HER LYING EYES, Bren McKeever loves Jamison Jackson, but he has a hard time forgiving her for her deception. In MELTDOWN, Detective Chris Lagoni wants desperately to like Megan Moore and remove her as a key suspect in a crime, but he’s not sure he can. In HUNT FOR REDEMPTION, Abby Jones has an ulterior motive when she tracks down her former lover, Tim Hunt, but all he wants is to rekindle their romance.

In the novel I am currently working on titled CRUZ CONTROL, Alana Dupree and someone she knows only as Fin are both pretending to be someone they are not. The challenge is to move beyond the lie and love each other for who they really are.

In my own life and the lives of others I know, love has had complications and bumps along the way. The glue holding it together is unconditional love. A healthy relationship needs more than  love. The couple must be committed to making each other happy and making their life easier, not harder. Do you agree?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Susan Mills Wilson is a native of North Carolina where she writes romantic suspense. She is the leader of the Charlotte Writers Club Mystery Critique Group and a member of Charlotte Writers Club. Subscribe to Susan’s blog at
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