Reita Pendry, author of the Mercy Johnson series

Writing is a solitary endeavor. The writer works for months, maybe years, on a book. In times past, the goal was to get the manuscript to an agent, who would find a publisher, who would publish and market the work. Those days are no more. Writers now, except for the luckiest ones, could waste years trying to persuade an agent to take on a book, or a publisher to risk scarce resources on an unknown quantity. Many of us have chosen to short-circuit that tortuous and ego-deflating process, and get our work directly into the hands of readers by using Amazon’s Create Space or a similar vehicle.
I have published four novels on Amazon Books. People tell me they like the Mercy Johnson series, about a fiftyish African-American criminal defense attorney in Washington, D.C. They also tell me that each book is better than the one before. Every writer wants to believe that if she works at her craft, she will improve.
All of which brings me to why I wanted to be part of a writers co-op. Carolina Moon Press is a coalition of regional writers who are dedicated to producing and publishing quality fiction and non-fiction. You can find the bios of the founding members by clicking here.
The co-op is a way to share experience, skills, marketing ideas and access, and support one another in this journey from idea to the printed product. Co-ops like Writers Co-op of the Pacific Northwest, Fiction Writers Co-op, Bosque Press, and The Castro Writers’ Co-operative all served as inspiration and model for Carolina Moon Press. The most important advantage hailed by all these co-ops, whatever their configuration, was the support for writers as they pursue their craft.
I belong to a wonderful critique group, through the Charlotte Writers Club. But the critique group does not help its members get their works into readers’ hands. Carolina Moon Press aims to fill that need for its members. Wish us luck! Like us on Facebook and share our Facebook page, so we can spread the word that we’ve launched and we’re serious about making a difference in our writing lives.

Note: Reita Pendry is one of three authors signing books at the Benefit Book Sale on February 25 at Caldwell Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, NC. All proceeds go to End Slavery in Charlotte and The Third Place. Stop by and meet her from 10 to 1.


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Susan Mills Wilson is a native of North Carolina where she writes romantic suspense. She is the leader of the Charlotte Writers Club Mystery Critique Group and a member of Charlotte Writers Club. Subscribe to Susan’s blog at
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