Group Of Christmas Presents Under Tree

Group Of Christmas Presents Under Tree

At an office Christmas party, I had an interesting conversation with a man I’ll call Sam. He and I discussed the agony of shopping for Christmas presents. I admitted I had only bought one gift so far. It was a toy for my dog. We joked about my priorities being out of whack. We both agreed trying to find the right gift for the right person was a difficult task. Sam and I shared the same belief about enjoying other elements of Christmas more than gifts like food, friends, family, music, and church.
Sam said something profound. He said people show love in different ways and for some people they show their love through a gift. He said he had a relative who only expressed love by giving money or material things. I had to admit I once had someone like that in my life.
There are other ways to express love other than gifts. Being a good listener. Giving your time. Dishing out encouraging words. Showing concern. And my favorite: Doing things to make the person’s life easier and happier.
The gift of love comes in different ways. Sometimes love is wrapped up in a pretty package with a big bow. Sometimes it comes in a paper bag with no frills. No matter how it shows up, love is the best gift of all. Do you agree?

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