Photograph taken by Candice Sedigham

Photograph taken by Candice Sedigham

FOR YOUR HEALTH…Smiling is good for your mental and physical health. A recent study by psychologists at the University of Cardiff in Wales proved that women who have Botox injections that restrict their ability to frown are happier than people who can frown. The study also showed that the women with the Botox injections were less anxious. It only goes to show that smiling reduces stress. Recent studies show that it is equivalent to a good night’s sleep.
FIND SOMETHING TO SMILE ABOUT…We need to find something to smile about every day, in fact, many times a day. Did you know if you smiled at the above photograph of the dog and baby chicks it changed your brain? Don’t believe me? Well, believe this: A smile sends a neuronal signal from the cortex to the brainstem. The cranial muscles carry the signal to the smiling muscles of our face. It triggers the reward mechanism in our brain that is more satisfying than eating chocolate. Yes, I said eating chocolate! Think moist chocolate cake with creamy frosting. Yum, yum! Our brain is getting excited just thinking about it.
EVERYDAY SMILE AT SOMETHING! I make it a point to smile at strangers as well as people I know. It’s a free gift. We never know what people are carrying around inside. Everyone has something going on in their life that brings anxiety, sadness, or stress. Maybe your smile can make a difference to them for a few moments or for the rest of their day. A smile says I care, or I don’t know you, but my smile is my acceptance of you. A smile might say, Have a nice day!
WHAT DO YOU THINK? Do you have a smile story that made a difference in your life?

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