Most everyone was disgusted by Donald Trump’s remark

Emanuel AME Church, Charleston, SC  courtesy of D M Lewis

Emanuel AME Church, Charleston, SC
courtesy of D M Lewis

that John McCain was not a hero because he was captured. From the years of torture and imprisonment that McCain endured, I don’t know many people who equal the heroism of that man. In my opinion, there is no shortage of heroes in this world.
A true hero is current or former military personnel who go toward danger like the servicemen who lost their lives in the recent shooting by a homegrown terrorist in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
A true hero includes the Charleston Nine who died on June 17 and their families who offered forgiveness to the shooter.
A true hero is someone who endures chronic pain and never complains.
A true hero is a mom or dad who sits up all night with a sick child.
A true hero is a police officer who despite the negative media coverage continues to do an outstanding job of serving and protecting the public.
A true hero is a person who offers encouragement, support, and love to anyone suffering emotional, financial, or physical pain.
A true hero is a person who knows he or she needs a higher power to get through life.

And the list goes on…….

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