From the photo on the right you will see that my grandson

Photo taken spring 2015

Photo taken spring 2015

is having fun hitting a plastic jug hung from a tree limb. He spent all afternoon attacking the jug with sticks, his blaster gun, and whatever else he could find. It was entertaining for me to sit on the patio and watch.
Now that my sweet grandson, Gabriel, has gone to heaven at the tender age of four, I will always cherish the little things about him. His funny faces to makes us laugh. His crazy dancing when he would shake his booty. His goodbye hugs when his mommy took him home. His love of peanut butter that we’d put on a spoon and into the freezer so he could call it a “peanut butter Popsicle.”
Embrace the little things. Know that they are special. They are the foundation for memories rooted in love.

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