I dreamed I found the perfect product that surpassed my

Solid Lotion Bar by CreamedSoaps

Solid Lotion Bar by CreamedSoaps

expectations. Get this, it cost less than ten dollars and lasted a whole year. Wait! It wasn’t a dream! I actually found the item last year at the Earth Day event in my little town. I’m talking about bar soap made from natural ingredients with no additives or artificial fragrance or dyes. I ordered a facial bar called “It’s Carrots, Honey” from Amber Matthews, founder and owner of CreamedSoaps. Over the years, I have used many different products to clean my face, but this is the best ever. It removes every trace of makeup and leaves my face feeling fresh and clean. I like that it contains ingredients that I have in my kitchen. As a professional soaper dedicated to making a pure product, Amber says, “If you can eat it, you can make soap out of it.”
I asked her how she got the idea to make her own soap. She said it was out of necessity. As a sufferer of eczema, many products irritated her skin. She wanted something made with natural products but also without artificial fragrance that made her condition worse. Not only has she made a product that works for her, she does custom products for customers that have other skin sensitivities or allergies.
In talking with her, I learned there is a cold processed soap and a hot processed soap. Made in a crock pot, the hot processed soap can be used the same day it is made, but the cold processed ones must sit for six weeks.
Amber makes eight different soap products, including a shampoo bar called “Wind Blown.” It is handcrafted with organic apple cider vinegar. I can’t wait to shower with “Muddy Waters,” a body detox bar with coconut oil, dead sea mud, and ground oatmeal. If you would like to contact Amber for more information or to purchase soap bars (makes great gifts), you can email her at

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