We all know the story of Cinderella and the prince’s

Cinderella image courtesy of

Cinderella image courtesy of

efforts to find the mystery woman who had captured his heart at the royal ball. In today’s world, he would not have to resort to ordering the king’s army and royal guard to scour the countryside looking for the maiden. In this technological age, the prince could post a plea on Twitter, Facebook, his website, blog post, text messages, television, newspapers, and the list goes on. If that didn’t produce results, the prince could look for another future queen by signing up for or Why not?
Spoiler Alert: In reality, the glass slipper would have easily fit more than one fair lady, but let’s not spoil the fairytale. That’s just a little secret between us. Shhh, don’t tell the prince.
How did you meet your true love? It’s wasn’t magical like the royal ball, but I met mine on jury duty. Interestingly, I was supposed to serve three months earlier, but I got it postponed, and voila! I met my future husband.


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