The news has been saturated with reports of suspects

CMPD Graduation Ceremony, courtesy

CMPD Graduation Ceremony, courtesy

killed during arrests in places like Ferguson, Missouri and New York City. Protests have happened all around the country. Two police officers in New York City were killed in retaliation. This is tragic and should never have happened.
Except for what I have heard on the news, I don’t know precisely what happened in Ferguson or New York. Maybe you take in everything you see or hear on the television networks as the gospel truth, but I don’t. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. I refuse to pass judgment on something I did not actually witness. That is the job for our court system.
What I do know is that it is unfair to think that all police officers are targeting individuals based on their race or ethnic background. Yes, there are some bad cops who have behaved in a criminal or unethical matter. It happens in all professions including ministers and teachers. It is grossly unfair to think all cops are bad. Just like it is unfair to assume all NFL players are abusers like Ray Rice or Greg Hardy.
After attending three police citizens’ academies, I have a better understanding and respect for police officers. I saw the high standards they are held to which includes constant training. They work in hazardous weather conditions, run toward danger and not away, deal with being cussed at, scratched, kicked, and spit upon. They never know what danger awaits them on a traffic stop or domestic dispute call. Every day their lives are put on the line. How many jobs do you know that require tools like a bullet proof vest, laser gun, firearm, and baton? We don’t hear much about the acts of heroism or random acts of kindness by police officers. These incidents far outweigh the bad stuff that the media prefer to cover.
I believe there are law enforcement agencies in parts of the country that need some type of reform. However, I am grateful to live in an area where the professionalism of law enforcement is at a high standard. So yes, I think cops are the good guys, and I respect them and appreciate their service to the community. What do you think? Feel free to leave your comment below.


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