Lies. Fibs. Untruths. Lies come in different forms and shapes. Sexy Woman in Bikini by patrisyu
There are the little white lies. For example, in a Geico commercial Mary Todd Lincoln ask Abe, “Does this dress make my backside look big?” We see Abe’s hesitation, and finally in a timid voice, he says, “Perhaps a — little.” Poor guy. Husbands everywhere can relate.

The big fat whoppers. For instance, the cheating husband might say to his wife, “You’re the only woman I love or want.” And to the mistress, he says, “I’m going to divorce my wife so we can be together forever.” Really? I think not!
Lies of omission. Sometimes the most innocent of all untruths. Maybe someone ask how you are and you say fine, but you’re not. Sometimes we withhold information to spare another person’s feelings or save them from worry.

In new novel, HER LYING EYES, my main character, Jamison Jackson, is guilty of a boldface lie and then a lie of omission, both concocted in order to obtain her goal. Of course, the real truth is exposed, and she must seek forgiveness from the person she hurt, someone she loves dearly. So wounded by her deceit, he is slow to forgive.
The story is chocked full of deceit, manipulation, betrayal, greed, and lust. A cocktail for disaster. Such unsavory traits bring about the death of one person, the impending danger to another, the destruction of an empire, and a broken heart. While each character does whatever it takes to achieve his or her goal, a trail of twists and turns leaves some plans intact and unravels others. But what hangs in the balance is Jamie’s lie which she told so easily with the help of her beauty and the enticement of her lying eyes. You can read an excerpt of my novel at It is available in paperback and Kindle ebook.

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