Cruel words to say to someone dealing with depression. Dark cloud and sun by khunaspixThe death of Robin Williams has brought the disease of depression front and center. Despite the tragedy of his passing, perhaps society will learn something. Williams did more than make people laugh, he truly cared for others. He wore his heart on his shirtsleeve always helping where he could whether it was to spend hours with a terminally ill child or give a boost to soldiers here and abroad. But behind his witty humor and his smiling face was a person in pain. He made the mistake of masking the hurt with drugs and alcohol and spoke openly about his fight to overcome addiction.
If it was as easy as snapping out of it, the depressed would do just that. But there is no quick fix. For some their world becomes so dark, they are in a state of hopelessness, treading water to stay afloat, and then succumbing to existence. They erroneously believe others will be better off without them.
Once when I was dealing with a crisis in my life, I thought about how people I meet in public had no idea what I was dealing with, and in turn, I had no way of knowing what they were going through. We all put on a happy face that hides the emotional pain.
We all need to care more for one another. Just a bright smile to a stranger can make all the difference in the world. To someone who is struggling, encouraging words are more precious than gold. Sometimes all a person needs is a good listener, someone who says, “I feel your pain.” (Guys, I am especially addressing you on that note, and women will agree with me.) You may not know what your loved ones and your friends are going through because they may be very good at hiding their sadness. Because sometimes we don’t know, to the people in my life I will strive to do the following: give a hug, pay attention, be a good listener, say a prayer, and let them know that there is hope. Remember, behind every dark cloud is the sunshine and maybe a rainbow.
Perhaps you have a personal story of how you overcame the darkness. Please feel free to share your thoughts. Others may be encouraged by your words. I welcome comments.

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