By now you’ve seen the hunky mug shot of Jeremy Meeks

Mugshot of Jeremy Meeks

Mugshot of Jeremy Meeks

and how it went viral. It was posted on the Facebook page of California’s Stockton Police Department after he was arrested in a sting operation called Operation Ceasefire. No matter that he has a chiseled jaw and sexy blue eyes, this man is a criminal. A bad boy. Yet, women are drawn to him and others like him, but why?
Handsome bad boys have something going for them that your regular Joe does not. They have a cockiness and swagger that says: I’ll do whatever I want, whenever I want. I answer to no one. It sounds arrogant and self-absorbed, but some women view it as being macho. Bad boys are more ballsy, more confident, and take more risks than the traditional male who likes to play it safe.
In my opinion, women are attracted to them because they are like forbidden fruit. I know I shouldn’t want you, but I can’t help myself. It’s rebellious, naive, and okay, I’ll say it, DUMB. The bad boy has not grown up. He is a man-child, and according to Dr. Phil, the worst marriage material there is. Bad boys don’t follow rules or take responsibility.
He is the Brad Pitt character in “Thelma and Louise” that Thelma couldn’t resist. He is biker-turned-criminal, Luke Glanton, played by Ryan Gosling in “The Place Beyond the Pines.” He is handsome billionaire Christian Grey in bestselling novel, FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. Or dig further back in time to “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” where outlaw cowboy Sundance portrayed by Robert Redford was hard to resist.
I have a bad boy in my debut novel, GOOD GONE BAD. Ex-cop Streaker is no stranger to the ladies. In my story, he juggles two women, both married, but his preference since there are no strings attached.
On the flip side to Jeremy Meeks’s mug shot, Baltimore’s Police Officer Jon Boyer, age 26, has been smoking up the Internet with his cuteness and rescued kitty. There is even a Facebook page called, “I Love Jon Boyer.” Known to rescue animals from the streets or abandoned buildings, he is dubbed as the sex symbol cat savior.
Doesn’t Jon Boyer make more sense than Jeremy Meeks? I hope you said yes. ☺

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