My grandson, Gabriel, and I had a few conversations while he was visiting me. It had been six months since I had seen him, so of course, we had a lot of catching up to do if that’s even Gabriel as ringbearer in David and Deidre's wedding May 11 2014 possible with a three year old. His favorite subject was Spiderman. He said he had super powers just like his favorite action hero. In the world of three, if you say it, you believe it. It’s that simple.
What is neat about being three is the wonderment found in a butterfly landing on a bush, a lizard scurrying through a crack in the wall, bouncing a ball, and blowing bubbles. A book is a new adventure even if one has heard the story a hundred times before. Taking a bath to get off the grime, sticky stuff, and sweat of the day can be fun. There are always toys that will float, squirt water, or make bubbles. I loved hearing Gabriel’s giggles of delight in those simple things.
When you’re three, hopefully you haven’t learned about war, bullying, intolerance, poverty, or crime. If you’re blessed, you live in a safe secure world feeling loved and wanted. You have parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and little friends that make you feel special.
As Gabriel grows, he will discover more things about his world. He will have opportunities to challenge and expand his mind. He will make new friends, and he will find his way and his niche. There will be some bumps along the way. At first, he will have Mom and Dad to cushion him, but later he will learn to pick himself up and keep going. In the meantime, he can laugh, giggle, and smile at the small wonders. Every day will bring a new adventure, a new discovery. What joy! Oh, to be three again.

Photo of Gabriel as ring bearer in his uncle’s wedding May 2014. I am sad to say Gabriel died in his sleep at age 4 in June 2015. We made many happy memories together with our little angel boy.

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