Like Christmas, there is much anticipation about the big game. I planned for it all week. The snacks, the meal, the beverage choices. FootballI don’t have a big party because it is too distracting and I really want to watch the game. So, I surrounded myself with three other Seahawks fans. We ate guacamole and chips, chicken wings, potato salad, carrot & celery sticks, and pumpkin pie. I prepared foods as organic and healthy as I can. Oh, and my beverage of choice was white wine, pinot grigio, while the others drank beer.

My friends who are Denver Broncos fans said the game was boring, but I cheered, whooped, and hollered every time the Seahawks scored. The interceptions were especially sweet. But who ever heard of a 5 to 0  or 8 to 0 score in football? Two points scored in the first play of the game by the opposing team! Bizarre. The Seahawks found ever way to score except a two-point conversion, but the Broncos took care of that. Peyton Manning was out of synch, but so was Joe Namath, showing up in a fur coat and tossing the coin before the team captain had time to call heads or tails.

If people aren’t talking about the game (Bronco fans are pretty quiet the day after), then they’re talking about the commercials. Most folks agree that the Budweiser Puppy Commercial was priceless. There were some clear winners and losers, but most were fun.

Bruno Mars kept the evening energized with his half-time performance. Man, that guy can dance! All in all, it was a fun time. I have never seen a Super Bowl game like it, and I’ve noticed that each one is unique.

The hoopla is over. The big money has been made, enough that could have funded a rural village in need, or fed the hungry. That’s the immoral part of football. Nothing will change that, so I will not harp on it. Another Super Bowl has come and gone. Next year will bring different teams, different products to sell, and a different half-time show. But the game itself will be the same. And the other thing that will remain the same is people like me, taking it all in and loving every minute of it. Four quarters clocked at fifteen minutes each. That’s one hour of playing time that takes three-and-a-half to four hours to play. Game on!

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