What a fun birthday! My mom, sister, and I went to Charlotte, NC Cupcake by mrsirapholto visit my Aunt Susie, Uncle Ron, and Grandma to celebrate my 10th birthday. “Pizza man is here!” Aunt Susie called. Grandma rushed to open the door. “Um….The pizza man is a pizza woman!” Grandma said laughing. Then we all went to the fancy dinner table.
Cousins Deidre & David came next. Aunt Susie showed us a magic trick for lighting candles. She blew out the candles and put the fire over the smoke. It looked like the flame was jumping onto the candle. It was so neat! Then she came out with cupcakes, but with one candle on each.
“Why one candle on each?” I asked. “You’ll get spit on everyone’s cupcake,” she replied. “Just let her blow them out. She’s not 3.” Grandma told her. I tried to blow them out one by one. Then, Morgan came out and blew them all out. “Really?!”
Finally I opened my presents. I got a Barnes & Noble gift card, $15.00, and an earring holder. I’m so happy that I got to spend my birthday in NC. So, I just wanted to talk about that. I had so much fun!

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