1. Your husband is distracted, especially if it’s a close game. It’s a good time to say, “Honey, I thought we’d remodel the kitchen this spring. Are you okay witFootball Stadium by akornh granite counter tops?” Wait until his team is “going for it” on fourth down. If you don’t know what that means, trust me, he’ll be so focused on the game, he’d agree to anything.

2. If the game is on at dinner time, then he’s okay with anything that can pass for food. You don’t have to cook. Think leftover pizza, Sloppy Joes, or that tuna casserole in the back of the fridge that you were going to throw out. Just have plenty of beer.

3. If his team wins, he’ll be in a good mood. Maybe a romantic mood. Hop on Pop and see what happens.

4. If you have small children, then he’ll be home to watch the kids. You can go shopping at the mall. Warning: If he’s really into the game, he may not really be watching the kids.

5. Ladies, this is for you: Sit down for a few minutes and watch the game yourself. You’ll find that some of the players and announcers are easy on the eyes. Just Google  QB’s Tom Brady, Tony Romo, Aaron Rogers, or announcer Jesse Palmer and see what I mean. And who doesn’t love a tight end?

Disclaimer: This is advice for women who are not into football or understand the sport. As for me, I LOVE IT! I watch it as much as I can and still have a life. Playoffs are my favorite time to watch. Sadly, once the Super Bowl is over, I have withdrawal. Now what am I going to do with my weekends?

Photo “Football Stadium” by arkorn

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Susan Mills Wilson is a native of North Carolina where she writes romantic suspense. She is the leader of the Charlotte Writers Club Mystery Critique Group and a member of Charlotte Writers Club. Subscribe to Susan’s blog at www.susanmillswilson.com.
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