CBS This Morning Tyler Perryhas been featuring a segment called “Note to Self.” They have asked celebrities to write a letter to themselves to show the lessons they have learned in life. I was so touched by the video of Tyler Perry reading a letter to himself as a small boy that I feel compelled to share it with others. Hearing the voice of God and shutting out the voices of others telling him he was worthless helped him overcome the odds. He says that everyone he knew was either in jail or murdered. A tough life. He must have felt so alone, so scared, but he persevered.

In my earlier blog post, CIRCUMSTANCE, CHOICES, AND CONSEQUENCES, I said that it’s not so much the hand we are dealt, but how we deal with it. Tyler Perry says it best. I hope you will take the time to watch his video. In your Internet browser, search for: note to self tyler perry.


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