Prince Cuteness

The royal baby has arrived! The proud Duke and Duchess of Cambridge showed him off to an adoring crowd, plus many more watching from afar. Prince Cuteness even gave us a little wave. How sweet! However, he did show his displeasure at being secured into his infant car seat. Still cute! New Born Baby's Hand by Victor Habbich

This child has no idea what is in store for him. His life will be on public display. Of course, his parents and others will do their best to shield him and give him as normal a life as possible.

The media is both a curse and a blessing to the royal family. I feel sure that Prince William, Duchess Kate, Prince Phillip, and Prince Harry are okay with photographs being taken when they are on a humanitarian mission. It is a good way to bring their cause to the attention of others. However, there are overzealous paparazzi who stalk the royals on a daily basis. The public shares some of the blame because we buy magazines and newspapers that exploit famous people. I have never understood why some people pay more attention to celebrities than their own family and friends. If anyone out there knows the answer to this, please tell me.    

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